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Podgląd wątku (najnowsze pierwsze)

2017-05-27 16:00:04

In worst case we try 40k on new rules then

2017-05-25 14:02:16

Sorry guy's,

did not see your answers here.

@Crane - thanks. Will you start 40k with the 8. edition?

@Suchar - Iam not sure if we will manage that befor the new edition. At the moment Iam
pumped for Shadow War Armageddon. A hand full of models and several games in a short time.

2017-04-30 11:47:45

Nice battle report, it's pleasure to look painted minis and great terrain.

2017-04-29 13:09:37

It was a very nice game, I unnecessarily jumped up with my warlord on the front + riptide should set in the middle of the deployment to be able to your big blast to accelerate the elimination of your forces on the ghostkeel side Well and of course I dropped the case with the relic.

Well, I hope we play again soon, the last one to play in the 7th edition

2017-04-26 15:20:30

Last Battle in 2016
and the test of my new Alpha Legion from the Codex Traitors Legions.
A 1200 points game against the Tau Empire at the Gildia Club Czestachowa.
A short summary with some pictures. The game ended dramatically close...

We played a dual mission:

Maelstrom of War: Tactical Escalation (Mission Cards)
Eternal War: The Relic (6 Victory Points; the relic is a separate objective from all others)

The Table:

We deployed on the short table edges and played across the long board. The terrain was mixed, with some cover and line of side blockers.
I could choose the side on which I want to start and took the factory-side for some good view over the board and less cover for enemy.
However The Tau rolled higher and got the first turn and set up there troops first. My Opponent also choose to have the first turn.

Paul's Army nicely placed in a gun-line over his hole side of the table. On the bottom you can see some of his Kroot-Allies hiding behind a container and waiting to strike.

My (at this stage) counter-deployment.

Bikes hiding the factory (left bottom hand of the picture), Havos with Autocannons on the top.
On the ride the horde of Chaos Cultists and to transports with Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Choosen (with Plasma guns).
Now I waited where my opponent would place his infiltrators.

Here Paul placed his Infiltrators behind the building in the middle.
In essence - he put them there to support his "weaker flank" and work together with his special character. Smart move, which I should learn.

Than I used the special rule of my Alpha Legion.

I infiltrated (replaced) my Cultists from the right to the left flank, with both transports and Marines inside.
My plan was to push up with most of my forces the left flank and shock my Terminators and Raptor jump troops into his backfield.
So far my plan and set up.

The view from his sniper drones onto my Chaos forces.

The game can be discribed quickly:

My forces pushed forwards and got shoot badly together. The Tau enemy could ofter be hit on 2+ or 3+ and had feel no paint. Made my shooting mosty ineffective.

My second group on the ride side were hiding for two rounds and than grabed some objective points and the relic! The good pretty much irgnored till the end of the game. Good invenstment

Here my Marines had to leave the Rhino transport and pushed with the rest of the Cultists forwards.

The bikes got picked off by a hailstorm of bullest and my Sorcerer survived with 1 life point. He also pulled of 2 times Psychic Shriek Magic Power and made no wounds!

The Havos on the right hand top shoot constantly and held out pretty much the hole game.
They killed most of the Kroots-Allies and some Stealth Suits. Okisch performance.

Round 2 also came my Terminators - The scattered a bit away from there target and could not to anything (1 Tau warrior) and got shoot to pieces in Pauls turn. Should tried to get the enemy's warlord instead.

My second shock troops also landed to far away from the target and could not do anything, so the run a bit to stand not to close to each other.

Cultists building a chain-of-command -
to pick the objectiv infront of the door and the relic! Sweet.

The Burning transport exploded and killed in the wall of flame half of its Marines-loading.
Great for Paul.

At Round 4 is had to do something - quickly.

While I was losing soldiers left and right,
I made a strategic withdraw. The Cultists got the relic and made onother point on the right ruin.
My biker warlord is hiding behind the building,
waiting to unleash his magic once again.

On the top of the pictures my Raptor jump unit
burned out a ruin with there flames (got 5 Tau warriors removed) and got another objevtiv).

In Round 5 Paul moved his warlord in his
exo-suit aggressivly towards my remaining troops. The rest of his forces couldnt keep up with the lord and left him exposed ..

Yep, behind the building the Chaos Choosen were waiting for him. This is my unit to take
out exactly such units ...

Here the view from my opponts table side.

Comined fire from my 2 left Havos on the factory,
magic from the bike Sorcers and Plasma Choosen took out his warlord and gave me one
victory point more.
My bike Sorcerer bosted with the relic behind the oil tanks and grabed onother objective.

At the end, just the bike and 2 Havos survived after Round 6 and we finished because of the late hour.

After counting the victory points:

18 : 9 for the Alpha Legion.

A close game after all, some missions cards
were good, some not to fulfill. I will continue
to work on my force and army structure.

Thanks for watching.

If you want to play a game, just contact me on my Hobbyblog:


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